Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Collective Punishment

Mona El-Farra, is a 52 year-old woman, who lives in Gaza City. She says of herself, “ I am a physician by training, a human rights and women's rights activist by practice.” She has a blog that she has entitled “From Gaza with love” (see (

Saturday, July 01, 2006
Dear all:

My friend Hoda lives next to the Ministry of Interior building in Gaza that was hit last night with 2 rockets, the attack occured 2am yesterday, please forgive me about the accuracy, l am starting to lose track of days and nights and how many times we were attacked. Hoda told me that the whole building was shaking.

She went out, with her pyjamas, all the residents were out in their night wear, children faces were too pale,some of them were crying hystiricaly, the fume filled the place , the flat next door were largely damaged (it is the next to the building that was targeted),where a family with 6 children live ,there was large fire, the firee brigades used her flat, to put off the fire, the Ministry of interior building was empty during the attack !!!!,the aim was revenge and destroyingof the building ,i live 150 meters from Hoda place, no body is safe no one is immune .what happened with Hoda reminded me with the night when late president Arafat headquarters in Gaza were attacked, 2 years ago, I lived nearby, and too close, that night 37 shells hit that building.

The power is still off ... we had it for 3 hours yesterday, enough to recharge my laptop, and mobile phone and to do some cooking. I am highly concerned about the hospitals, the fuel supply to run the local generators is running down ,the borders are completely sealed since the attack, no fuel was allowed inside Gaza since that date, the medication and medical supplies are running down too, We do not have enough strategic storage, because of the previous ongoing sanctions, our drug stores are exhausted, the water supply is scarce too, we need to rationalise our water use,we are going through big humanitrian disaster.

Sonic booming
When the get fighters ,go fastly through the sound barrier, we expereince this sort of terrifying raids at least 7 times, in different times of the day and night, many international human rights orgs. appealed to Israel to stop this raids, knowing its harmful effect on people, they never used it before withdrawal from Gaza.

How can i let you know what is my personal feelings? During this raids, if I am sleeping my bed shakes tremendously, my dauhgter jumps to my bed, shivering with fear then both of us end up on the floor ,my heart beats go very fast , and i had to pacify my daughter, now she knows we need to pacify each other , she feels my fear, if I am awake i flinch up and scream loudly, i cannot help myself, ok I am a doctor and mature middle aged woman with large experience and an activist too, but with this booming i go hystirical, after all we are all humans and each have its own threshold, hearing the sound of breaking windows is frightening too, many tin roofs in the refugee camps collapsed on the heads of families, as a result of this booming, hospitals received large number of psychologicaly traumatised children.

1.5 million residents in Gaza face COLLECTIVE PUNISHMENT, feelings of hate will grow larger, and all these assaults and savage agressions against population will not bring peace or security to Israel, only justice peace will.

Israel is talking about security of its citizens, against militiamen, who are armed with some home made fire sticks rockets. Israel is talking about terrorism, what can i call this sonic booming and power plant attack, but STATE TERRORISM

Yours in love and solidarity

Mona ElFarra

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  1. This message from Mona is so human and heartbreaking. This collective punishment is now apparently sanctioned by our US government. I believe it is illegal under international law, but the US and Israel now seem joined in saying that it's a kind of defensive, pre-emptive, necessary war that is essential for our own security. But, as Mona notes, we all have our own "threshhold." Pre-emptive killing and terrorising of civilians--as if individual humans have no value any more in this new world--will arouse more hate and in the end undermine security for Israel and the US.