Monday, October 30, 2006

"We know!"

TO: Prime Minister Ehud Olmert
FAX 011-972-2-670 5475

Dear Prime Minister Olmert,

We strongly endorse the petition below. Many persons in our community, both Jews and Gentiles, are appalled at the cruel actions of Israel in the Gaza Strip. We implore you to grant respite to the suffering populace at once.

We know: In recent months the IDF has killed in the Gaza strip alone 245 human beings, 62 of whom were children, and another 25 were women;

We know: Palestinian physicians complain of "Flachette" arrow wounds and other effects of banned ammunition;

We know: That the Gaza Strip is under strict siege;

We know: The sick and wounded are dying in hospitals due to lack of medicines and expert physicians, caused by the closing of the passages to Israel, Egypt and Jordan;

We know: The entire population, children, women, men, elderly and infants, suffer from malnutrition;

We know: Day by day, bombs and bulldozers destroy houses whose dwellers are rendered roofless;

We know: The Gaza Strip is in throes of a humanitarian crisis;

We know: War Crimes are perpetrated at this moment in the Gaza Strip;

We know: The IDF actions in the Gaza-strip risk the life of Gilad Shalit;

We Know!

We protest and demand
From the Israeli government and the IDF:

Stop the carnage! Stop the destruction!

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