Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Postcard From Gaza

Dear Friends,
As you might have heard, Hamas received the Prince of Qatar in Gaza and his wife yesterday. They came with financial support to Hamas government to rebuild Gaza, as if Hamas needs more money.

The people in Gaza were not in favor for such a visit and think that Israel and the US stands behind this visit, and Qatar is providing this money to keep the Palestinian silent and secure that the Palestinians will not starve (which if happened Israel would be responsible).

The statement that we have been hearing from people in Gaza all day long today is, "Israel kills and destroys and Qatar is a gatekeeper that rebuilds and covers up Israel's crimes."

Today we have 3 people at least killed, in this context a different attack took place few days ago. After that Israeli airstrike, a Gazan paramedic discovered that the martyr he is carrying is his brother.

Keep safe.


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