Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Coordinated Twitter Alert! Vote G4S Israeli-Prison contractor Worst Company

A message from the Boycott Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) National Committee...
START TWEETING: Tonight 9:30 am Pacific Time / 12:30 pm Eastern time/ 7:30 pm Palestine

G4S has been nominated for the infamous ‘Worst Company of the Year’ Public Eye People’s Award.

G4S is involved in running Israel’s prisons, checkpoints, police force and Apartheid Wall. Help us trend worldwide #VoteG4S (important NOT to use this hashtag in advance otherwise our trending chances greatly diminish. Follow @WaronWant for the word go!).

The most important part of this action is to push people to click and vote for G4S at this link:

The winner of the vote will be announced at the World Economic Forum in Davos – this is an important chance to expose G4S and their contracts with apartheid Israel (among many other human rights abuses internationally).

Voting does not close until midday on January 23rd. We will have a repeat of this action later on during the week, please keep tweeting the link even outside the action so we can gather as many votes to give the title to G4S.

Reason: G4S, the largest private military and security company in the world, has a contract with the Israeli Prison service and provides equipment and services to prisons at which Israel detains Palestinian political prisoners without charge and subjects them to torture and ill-treatment. Many Palestinian political prisoners remain on hunger strike to protest detention without trial including Samer Al-Issawi, entering critical stages of his hunger strike. More information on G4S complicity with Israel here:

Suggested tweets:
G4S is privatizing warfare and profits from Israel’s military occupation. Take a min. Vote here: #VoteG4S

Take action against companies that profit from Israeli prisons – follow link & #VoteG4S

Why G4S? Cause it's involved in checkpoints and managing prison security for Israel in occupied Palestinian territories

Israeli prison contractor G4S nominated for "worst company" award. #VoteG4S here

Click this link and #VoteG4S simple, quick and will help expose G4S complicity in Israel’s prison system

Israel relies on the support of firms like #G4S to run it's prison system - #VoteG4S here #BDS

G4yeS? G4 NO! Vote Now for the worst company of the year
#VoteG4S complicit in Israel’s occupation of Palestine and apartheid prison system. Vote here: #BDS

What do you get when you cross detention, illegal occupation & an Olympic security shambles? #VoteG4S!

- Stop G4S Campaign

Palestinian prisoner hunger strike

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