Saturday, January 09, 2016

Writing Letters to the Media

Mainstream media in the United States often slants its coverage in favor of Israel. Even media that are progressive on other issues tend to allow right wing Israeli politicians to go unchallenged, omit a Palestinian point of view, and ignore the historical context of emotionally charged events. 

PIAG has begun a letter writing campaign, using facts, examples, recommendations, and questions to counter biased reporting. Please join us!  Email is quickest, but don't forget the power of a hand-written note. 

Here are some sample letters PIAG members have sent recently, followed by the contact information for several media outlets:

The "headlines" today include a biased statement about Israel-Palestine.  It is biased because seriously incomplete.  The announcer tells that the EU has adopted a new rule, insisting that many West Bank exports NOT be labeled as from "Israel."  Then comes the bias: the announcer only states Israel's protest: that this West Bank label on exports will hurt Israel and will block peace with Palestine.  BUT there is NO statement about WHY the EU is taking this step, which is that under international law, the West Bank is NOT part of Israel; it is militarily occupied territory.  This information is crucial in helping listeners understand the actual status of Palestine and the growing worldwide protest of Israel's occupation and repression of Palestinians.


To CNN:  The interview with Mark Regev re: violence in Israel-West Bank was hugely biased and incomplete.  The Palestinian toll of wounded and dead was totally omitted, as was the reason for Palestinians' attacks--Israel's repressive colonial military occupation.  Palestinians have no rights; their children are jailed brutally; their trees and cattle are destroyed by "settlers" who are taking over their land acre by acre.  PLEASE give the Palestinians' reality to the uninformed US population. Furthermore, Ambassador Regev's description of the verbal response of Palestinian leadership was false. Surely you can couple such false claims with a response from Palestinians and their leaders. Thank you!


To NPR: Emily Harris's description of why Palestinian Muslims see Jewish visitors to the mosque as provocative omits a key factor.  She focuses on "covert praying" by Jews who stand near the mosque.  She omits the fact that these Jewish visitors often shout cruel, racist, and disrespectful epithets at the Muslims who are there to pray at the mosque.  Please do a story on the "racism" problem.  Many Israeli Jews are ever more vocal in angry racist actions toward Palestinians. "Arabs to the ovens" is printed on a wall.  "Death to Arabs" is shouted in mass demonstrations. Some American and Israeli Jews are speaking with great concern about the runaway racism that afflicts the Israeli government, its soldiers, and many citizens.  It's dangerous.  Please cover it.

Media Contact info:
National Public Radio
Diane Rehm Show
4401 Connecticut Avenue NW
Washington, D.C. 20008  (Use this page to obtain transcripts of current news programs so you can cite chapter and verse)


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